Honda Blower Motor Resistor/Transistor Repair

Early 2000 model year Honda Accords, Civics and CR-Vs suffer from a blower motor malfunction where the air conditioning controls will continue to function but the blower motor will not spin, causing no air to come out of you vehicle's vents. This malfunction is can be caused by a faulty Blower Motor Resistor/Transistor which fails due to heat and age. Fortunately, we offer the parts to have your blower motor circuit working like new!

Honda Blower Motor Transistor Circuit

Check out our Honda Civic blower motor resistor removal and troubleshooting tutorial below to confirm that your vehicle suffers from this issue, then visit our ebay store to buy the parts to repair your blower circuit for $15 shipped. Don't have an ebay account? You can checkout as a guest and use your credit card to pay! If you live in Southern California, you can bring us your unit for a $30 in-person repair.

Honda Blower Motor Resistor Removal & Troubleshooting

Download troubleshooting instructions from the Honda Repair Manual.

Remove the passenger cover under the glove box by inserting your fingers and pulling down. Continue pulling down, until the clips have all released, then pull the cover back to remove.
Remove the transistor connector, push the release tab and pull the 4 wire connector. Remove the two phillips screws to remove the transistor.
Now you can perform the testing. The first picture shows how to release the tab that holds the wire terminal. You need a sharp tool. The last picture shows a metal tool to provide the power to test the transistor and motor. CAUTION: You must insulate the wire you removed. If you ground or apply power to that terminal, it will damage the automatic climate control unit.
To perform the testing you must have a digital multi meter, DMM. Once you replace the transistor, you must replace the pollen filters. The transistor was damaged for lack of air flow due to blocked air filters. To get to the pollen filter you need to remove the glove box.
Remove the glove box stops, there are two, one in each side. Then you will have access to the two pollen filters. The second one is accessible when the first one is removed.