BMW Gasket Replacement
335i valve cover gasket
Valve Cover Gasket

BMW vehicles suffer from oil leaks from the valve cover gasket. You can see this leak by looking at the passenger side of the engine at a metal channel runing under the plastic engine cover, a small puddle of oil there likely indicates an oil leak from the valve cover gasket. We have a tutorial to help you DIY or we can do the entire service for you and have your vehicle ready same day.
335i oil pan gasket
Oil Pan Gasket

For BMW vehicles, we offer an oil pan gasket replacement service. Leaks are known to happen at 60-80k miles and it can be a headache to see the $2400 dealer quote to change a single gasket. Schedule an appointment with us and we can save you time and money by replcing your vehicle's oil pan gasket at a fraction the cost of a dealer or private mechanic.

Mini Cooper valve cover remove
Oil Filter Housing Gasket

The infamous oil filter housing gasket leak found almost universally on all BMW models. Bring in your vehicle and we can have your filter housing gasket replaced same day. You get to stay clean and save the cost of tools.