RochaTek Quality & Reliability

RochaTek is owned and operated by Victor Rocha, he has been an active member of the Volvo online community and has earned a name for himself in the automotive community for offering insight and tutorials on common automotive electronics issues. More than 15 years since we discovered the issues causing the Volvo ABS module failure on my wife's 1999 Volvo V70 wagon, we have been offering our ABS repair service to the international automotive community. In that time, we have repaired hundreds of ABS computer modules and expanded our service to many other vehicle brands. We have also worked diligently to improve our repair and testing methods to make sure your ABS module will not fail for the life of the vehicle. In the 15+ years we have been repairing ABS modules, we have not had a single failure outside of warranty.

Over time, there have been many people which have sprung up offering their own repair service for these ABS modules while undercutting our prices. The cuts in prices these individuals offer also comes with a steep cut in quality which we refuse to compromise for the safety of our customers. Weekly, we get "repaired" units which other businesses cannot repair or which have failed and their work speaks for itself.

Here are three of the many ABS modules that we receive each year. The different tags indicate the different repair shops that have worked on the units. These ABS modules have all failed and many continue to come in for us to repair because when there is a single problem, many of these locations will just give up and not attempt to repair the modules again because they have no ability to test them.

The left two ABS modules in these pictures were repaired by two different ABS module repair locations and at the right, is one of our modules repaired today. Other people cut costs by sawing through your computer module which compromises the heat and moisture resistance of your ABS module, it is not a question of if the modules repaired by these competitors will fail, but when(and these two had already failed, within a year of their "repair").

Here is the picture of the top lid that many people choose to saw through. The one to the left has obviously had a saw run through it and at the right is the lid of a unit we are currently working on. It takes us longer to open an ABS module for repair, but it means that the integrity of the unit against heat and moisture will not be compromised.

The first picture is of the original factory soldering done using a dip soldering process. The second picture is of a typical repair done by one of our competitors. If you take a close look at the picture, you can see that the solder is actually rusting, this is caused by the leaks in the sealing of the ABS module casing I mentioned, combined with the shoddy soldering job. The third picture is from one of my units, the soldering is consistent and smooth to prevent any possible oxidation. To perform our repair, we utilize professional grade cleaning, soldering and sealing equipment to make your ABS module last for the life of your vehicle. We desolder bad joints and components, clean all the circuit board traces to get a good bond and replace and solder new components using a harder solder to prevent damage to these joints. The ABS module casing is then sealed with an electronics-grade sealer used by ATE, allowed to dry and shipped next day. We have the relevant degrees, certificates and decades of expirience handling electronics so that we can achieve total customer satisfaction.

Cars today are more sophisticated than ever, so testing the ABS modules that come through our business requires.... CARS. Many of the companies that offer ABS module repair services, have nothing to test the ABS modules with, it is nearly impossible to make a "simulator" because the ABS computer and pumps take many digital signals that are generated in the car's other electronic components. To test our ABS modules after repairing them, we use a fleet of cars to be sure your unit is working perfectly when it leaves our door.

At RochaTek, quality is our #1 priority.