ABS Rebuilding F.A.Q.s

Q: Where is your original website?
Where it has always been, home.earthlink.net/~vicrocha/

Q: Where is your ebay store?
My ebay storefront sells limited items, contact me directly if you would are interested in one of our services!

Q: Are you still repairing Volvo ABS/TRACS control units?
A: Yes, we have been repairing Volvo units for over 16 years now. Now, we also repairing ABS units from Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Saab, Toyota and Volkswagen cars.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Southern California in the city of Pico Rivera. If you do decide to send your ABS unit, please use the contact link. At that time, the shipping address will be sent to you.

Q: Can I drive to your location to have the complete repair done?
A: Yes, people from as far as Oregon to Arizona have driven to my location to have their units diagnosed, removed, repaired and tested. Please contact me to make an appointment. The labor to remove, install and initialize your ABS unit is $45.00 plus the repair fee of your ABS unit.

Q: What is the turnaround time?
A: The average turnaround time is 6 days (In the USA). I only keep the controller for 2 days (Pre-paid units are returned the same day or the next business day), one for inspection/ testing and one for repairs. Almost everybody uses US Priority Mail to send the unit, it usually takes 2 days each way.

Q: Can I drive the car without the ABS Unit? My mechanic tells me it is not possible!
A: For legal reasons, I do not recommend that you drive your car without the ABS unit; however, everybody has driven their car without the unit without harming any systems. The speedometer and the cruise control will not work while the unit is removed. The ABS and TRACS (If your car has it) will not work while the ABS Control Unit is removed (These do not work when the ABS light is ON), which is the same situation as when your ABS Unit has failed. You must understand that if you drive your car without the ABS unit, you are doing it at your own risk. On Volvo S80 models, people have driven their vehicles without the ABS Unit, they reported that there are a lot of warning lights ON but the car will drive the same way as when the ABS Unit failed

Q: How long will the improved unit last?
A: We estimate that the repaired and improved unit will last for the life of the vehicle. The new components are two to four times larger than the original design. The first unit that was improved was on my own 1998 V70, that was done in October 2001 and over 80,000 miles ago, and counting.

Q: Can I use the 5/32" or 4 mm socket to remove the ABS from my Volvo?
A: Yes, you may; however, I will give a word of caution. I have seen about 15 cases where the torx bolt was striped and the owner ended up having to cut through the ABS Unit case to remove the damaged bolt or grind the head of the damaged bolt. I no longer have bolts and they are not sold at the dealer. They are only available with a new ABS Unit. If you decide to use these sockets be very careful and patient, several people have been successful in using these sockets.

Q: I'm not mechanically inclined. Can I remove the unit myself?
A: Yes, you can do it! I have had mothers, fathers, teenagers and kids remove the units from their cars. Almost everyday I receive compliments for the removal instructions posted on my website. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to join the group.

Q: My mechanic (Dealer) tells me that the unit must be re-programmed after the installation. Is this true?
A: This statement and other similar questions I get are, in my opinion, extortion. Some mechanics (only a minority) are not familiar with the way the ABS system works, others are ignorant and some know that this is their last chance to get your money. Once the unit is re-installed (A brand new, a used or a rebuilt one) the car will perform a self test when you drive the car. At about 14 MPH the ABS Unit will check all the sensor signals, it will activate the pump and test all the solenoids (valves). I'm not sure if you can call this "Programming". I don't mean to bash any mechanics. I have been one for over 20 years, Master ASE, for at least half of my career. If a mechanic lies to get your business, he is asking for it. This statement is not a generalization and does not apply to all.

Q: Do you accept units from other countries?
A: Yes, I do. Please contact me for the shipping rates for your country. By the way. DO NOT USE UPS, there is nothing wrong with the service; however, I get an invoice from them a week later telling me that they paid the importation charges for me and now they want me to pay them $21.00 for their fine brokerage service. I have received ABS Units from these countries (The amount in the parenthesis is the shipping, insurance and handling costs to that country): Australia ($33.00), Austria ($34.00), Chile ($39.00), Canada ($27.00), Czech Republic ($38.00), England (United Kingdom) ($37.00), France ($33.00), Finland ($37.00), Germany ($37.00), Hong Kong ($33.00), Israel ($37.00), Malaysia ($34.00), Netherlands (Holland) ($37.00), New Zealand ($37.00), Norway ($37.00), Philippines ($33.00), South Africa (45.00), Ukraine ($125.00, this guy paid $125.00 with DHL and said that he still saved $500.00).

Q: What is the shipping to Canada?
A: Shipping to Canada is a fixed $27.00 fee. This includes US Global Express postage which takes about 4-5 business days, The unit is insured for $200.00. UPS, FEDEX, DHL and other couriers charge about $50.00 to $65.00 for the same service.

Q: Where can I find and E5 Torx socket?
A: Pep Boys, O'Reilly Auto, Auto Zone, Sears, Amazon and many other retailers carry E5 torx sockets starting at $5.